At Prospect Labs you can create a Connector Campaign using a CSV file with the email addresses of your leads. This way, you do not necessarily need to have their LinkedIn profile URLs and can still connect with your prospects on LinkedIn.

Note: Remember that these email addresses have to be personal (primary or secondary) LinkedIn emails.

👉 CSV connector campaign can be set up in two main steps:

  1. Prepare the CSV file with personal emails

  2. Create and activate the CSV connector campaign


To set up your CSV connector campaign, first, you need to prepare a CSV file with leads that you wish to connect with.

👉 To prepare the CSV file with emails please see this guide

👉 To create and activate the CSV connector campaign

  1. Go to Prospect Labs Campaigns

  2. Click Add new campaign:

  3. Select campaign type - CSV connector campaign and click Create Campaign:

  4. Name your campaign, click Next:

  5. If you or your company colleagues on Prospect Labs have any templates, you can preview and choose to use a campaign template OR continue without a template:

  6. In People tab, select to Import CSV:

  7. Upload the CSV with emails from your device:

  8. Make sure to match key from CSV "Email" with Map to field "Email":

  9. Send CSV for processing (this may take a few minutes)

  10. During this time, you can add follow up messages to your campaign steps. Please note that in this type of campaign you can NOT add a connector message (it will be blank)

  11. Once the file is parsed and the people tab has a list of contacts, you can activate your campaign by sliding the status button in the Settings:

Note: the limit for this campaign varies from 100 to 250 contacted prospects per few days depending on LinkedIn upload, however, you can specify how many follow-up messages you would like to send daily in the campaign settings.

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