Builder campaign allows you to automate a wider range of usual actions on LinkedIn, such as view profile, follow company, endorse a skill and more, depending on leads activity. Builder campaign also has email integration that allows you to send emails to your leaders if you provide a valid email address.

To start with, we have created a range of builder campaign templates that you can copy and adapt for your own campaigns. Check out these templates in the Marketplace.

What are the actions that Builder campaign can do?

  • Visit profile - when you visit a lead's profile they will receive a notification that you were browsing their profile

  • Follow profile - rather than connecting with someone automatically, you are able to follow their profile first so you can see what they are posting without connecting first

  • Follow company - you can follow the company page of any lead in the campaign

  • Skill endorsement - you can endorse the skills of the people who are in your network

  • Email - sending an email inline with LinkedIn interactions with your lead

  • Like post - like your leads LinkedIn posts that match your set criteria

  • Connect request - send a connection request to 2nd or 3rd-degree connection on LinkedIn if you are not connected yet

  • Follow up message - when connected, follow-up with a message

  • Open InMails - message any lead with Open Profile on LinkedIn

What about conditions?

Within the builder smart sequence, you are able to set conditions upon which actions will be performed, as well as create some of your own custom conditions. These conditions will allow you to set up boolean flows depending on the outcome i.e. if one thing has happened there will be one action, if it has not happened, there will be another action

  • Custom condition

  • If connected

  • If followed you

  • If visited your profile

  • If email was opened

  • If email bounced

  • If email was clicked

  • If email exists

  • If Open account

  • If post liked

You can also set up your own Custom conditions based on more than one condition, for example:

The example above would create a condition that if the lead has visited my profile but has NOT followed me. If the lead meets these conditions I can set up one flow and if they do not meet the conditions I can set up another flow with different actions.

How to set up a builder campaign step by step is here.

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