Each campaign has its own sending limits that give you the power to decide how many connection requests or messages to send from each active campaign and it should never exceed the number of interactions you have set in total in your Profile settings.

If you have set your Individual campaign limits and now see a yellow warning, it means that you have incorrectly divided your Interaction settings per your campaigns and it is indicated which limits (connection requests or messages) are exceeded:

If the limits are exceeded you won't be able to apply your steps until the warning is gone.

Detailed explanation:

The first line in these settings is "Set the number of new people to be contacted by this campaign daily". If this is a connector campaign, this number represents how many connection requests from this campaign you will send daily. If this is a messenger or group campaign, this number represents how many people will be approached with the first message from this campaign daily.

The second line in these settings is: "Set the number of follow-up messages to be sent from this campaign daily". This line lets you decide how many follow-up messages you would send from this campaign daily. If the campaign has only one message and no follow-ups, this number should be 0.


Let's say, I set in my account Profile settings, Interaction settings, that I plan to send 20 connection requests and 50 messages per day:

I have two active campaigns, 1 connector campaign (connection request and some follow-ups) and one messenger campaign (welcome message and some follow-ups).

In this case, in connector campaign settings, I will have to set the limit as follows:

20 connection request (maximum from Profile settings) and 20 follow-ups (20 out of 50 possible from Profile settings)

And in messenger campaign settings, as follows:

15 messages to new people daily and 15 follow-up messages daily (20+15+15=50 in Profile settings).

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