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Beatport: Adding a DJ Chart

Instructions on how to add a chart to Beatport to help promote your new release!

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Posting a chart on Beatport can help promote your new release. We definitely encourage it! Here's how to do it:

  1. Sign into Beatport with your account.

  2. After signing in, go here to create a new chart. 

  3. Title your chart and upload a cover image. Pro Tip: Don't use the cover art for your release as the cover image, as that hurts your chances of the chart being featured by Beatport's curation team.

  4. Add your tracks! Pro Tip: Your chart can be more than 10 tracks. In the past, DJ Charts were limited to 10 tracks -- but now they can be longer! Beatport prefers longer charts, so add as many as you want.

  5. Don't forget to publish the chart!

Where will my chart be posted?

Your chart will be posted immediately and connected to your user account.

If you're an artist and want the chart connected to your artist profile, then check your artist page on Beatport. If your charts don't appear there, then here's a guide to claim your artist profile.

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