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Artist Photos & Charts on Beatport
Artist Photos & Charts on Beatport
This article explains how to update artist's profile photos on Beatport and connect DJ charts to the artist's profile.
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If you're an artist with tracks on Beatport, setup up your Beatport Artist Profile:

  • You'll be able to upload a profile photo & biography to your Beatport artist page.

  • You'll be able to connect DJ Charts to your Artist page on Beatport, too.

Here's how it works:

  • Beatport doesn't have a special account for artists.

  • Instead, you connect your existing Beatport account to your Beatport artist profile.

  • Your existing Beatport account is just the username you use to sign into Beatport.

If you forgot what your username or password is on Beatport, get help here.
If you don't have a normal account on Beatport yet, register here for free.
(If you've already posted a chart on Beatport, then this means you already have a Beatport account. Don't create another one!)

Now that you've got access to your Beatport account, here's what you'll need to claim your artist profile:

  • IMAGE - Your profile image needs to be EXACTLY 590 wide, 404 tall. If your image is not exactly this size, then Beatport will reject your application -- and they won't even email you. 

  • ARTIST NAME - Exactly as it appears on Beatport.

  • ARTIST URL - The URL of your Artist page on Beatport.  (Example)

  • DJ URL - IMPORTANT - This is the URL which will connect your Artist profile to your Beatport user account. 

How to find your DJ URL --

  1. Go to your ACCOUNT SETTINGS on Beatport.

  2. In the "Profile" section, look for the "DJ URL" field. It looks like this --

Got everything? Now you're ready for the final step.

  • IMPORTANT: If you want to to connect your user account to your artist profile, you MUST click the "Yes" checkbox next to  "Do you have Charts you would like to link to this profile?". If you don't click Yes, then Beatport will only add your image and biography, without letting you claim your profile.

Please note it can take 4 weeks for Beatport to process your request.
After you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email from Beatport.
If your profile is not updated within 4 weeks, forward your confirmation email to and we'll do our best to help!

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