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How do the Top 100 Release charts work on Beatport?
How do the Top 100 Release charts work on Beatport?

A track on your release sold very well, but your release isn't in the Top 100 Releases chart. Want to know why?

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On Beatport, the Top 100 Releases chart for the Homepage and Genres are NOT based on total tracks sold in each release. You'd think it worked that way, but it's not!

Instead, the Beatport Top 100 Releases chart is ONLY counting FULL ALBUM buys:

  • This is when the user clicks buy on the entire album via the Release Page.

  • This does NOT count people who buy every track on the release individually.

  • It only counts people who bought the whole release via the buy release button.

On Beatport most DJs do NOT shop by buying a whole release. As a result, these charts are very easy to break into: just one or two people buying your album means your release might appear in the charts.

Additionally, because the Release Chart only counts FULL album buys, this means if one of your tracks sells REALLY well, it won't count towards charting in the release chart at all. Because the release chart only counts full album buys.

Think the Top 100 Release charts should include individual track buys? We agree!
Drop an email to Beatport's support team and include a link to this article.

Is this true for the Top 100 Singles chart, too?

Unfortunately, yes. When a DJ buys your full release on Beatport (by clicking "Add to Cart" on the entire release), this does NOT count towards Beatport's Top 100 singles chart. The only way for full release buys to count towards the singles chart is if DJs individually add each track to their cart, without clicking the "buy release" button.

The exception: if your release is just 1 track, then clicking buy on the entire release WILL count the sale in the Top 100 single charts!

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