What is Beatport Hype?

And how do I sign up?

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To sign up for Beatport Hype, visit: https://gethype.beatport.com

  • Note: If you're a new label, wait 72 hours after scheduling your 1st release before signing up for Beatport Hype.

  • You can read Beatport's official explanation of Beatport Hype here.

If you run a music label on Proton, then you probably know the feeling of wanting more support from Beatport. Many of Proton’s labels get featured by Beatport every week, but it never seems to be enough! There’s new hope with Beatport Hype

Here's what we know so far, but these details are subject change:

  • If your label joins Beatport Hype, then your label is eligible for extra exposure on Beatport: there are NEW Top 100 charts to compete in and NEW feature slots where your label can be supported. These new areas are ONLY for music labels that are subscribed to Beatport Hype. More details below!

  • When you join Beatport Hype, you'll be able to speak directly submit feature requests to Beatport. 

  • Beatport Hype is a paid subscription service for Music Labels, NOT for DJs. It costs $/€9.99/mo -- and you can cancel any time.

  • This is an optional subscription. Beatport is NOT requiring any label to sign up.

  • Larger labels are barred from joining Hype, so smaller labels have more opportunities for exposure. Labels are eligible for Hype only if they’ve sold less than $15,000 on Beatport in the past 12 months. 

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Let’s dive into the details!

Submit Feature Requests Directly to Beatport

Signing up for Beatport Hype gives label managers the ability to submit feature requests directly to Beatport. Features are not guaranteed, but you'll have a better chance of support if you're signed up for Beatport Hype.

If/when you sign up for Beatport Hype, ask Proton for the link to submit your feature requests for Beatport Hype.

More Slots for Features

  • Hype Picks - The home page and genre pages have a new area called “Hype Picks” where 10 participating Hype labels are considered for placement. This new section appears between the “New Releases” and “Staff Picks.”

  • Hype Banners - The home page and genre page slideshows have one additional banner slot available for a Hype label.

A subscription to Beatport Hype does NOT guarantee placement in these new slots. Beatport’s curation team still listens and decides who to feature, but these areas are reserved for labels with a subscription to Beatport Hype.

New Top 100 Hype Charts

  • New Top 100 Singles Chart on the homepage and each of Beatport's top selling genres*

  • Only labels with a  Hype subscription can compete in these new charts 

  • These are new Top 100  Charts in addition to the existing charts

  • Label’s subscribed to Hype can compete in both the normal Top 100 and the new Hype charts.
    (If you subscribe to Hype, your label can still compete in the main Top 100s too.)

*The list of top genres includes genres like Progressive House, Deep House, Melodic House & Techno, Techno, Tech House, and Trance. For a full list, click here. Smaller genres will NOT have their own Hype Top 100, but they might be added later!

Can I join Beatport Hype?

Beatport Hype is only available to music labels that have sold under $15,000 on Beatport in the last 12 months.  If you're not sure if you're eligible or not, just try to sign up and Beatport will notify you if you're not eligible.

This means larger labels are barred from joining Hype, giving underground labels more opportunity for exposure on the store, when they might have been pushed out by larger labels in the past.

I’ve got more questions!

Beatport Hype is new, so things might change and we don’t have all the answers yet. 

Keep an eye on this page and we'll update as things unfold!

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