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Label Access to Spotify for Artists
Label Access to Spotify for Artists

Get access to daily in-depth data for your label's entire catalog on Spotify. Plus, pitch music directly to Spotify's curators!

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Spotify for Artists isn't just for artists any more. It's also a powerful platform for music labels that provides daily in depth data for your catalog's performance on Spotify and also gives label managers the ability to pitch music directly to Spotify's curators for consideration in official playlists.

Here's how to get access as a label manager to Spotify for Artists!

How to Apply for Music Label Access to Spotify For Artists

IMPORTANT: Label Manager access to Spotify for Artists is only available after your 1st release has arrived on Spotify. If your 1st release is not on Spotify yet, please wait to apply until after the release date.

  1. Start here.

  2. Select ‘Label team member’

  3. Sign in with your Spotify account (Note: if you don't have a Spotify account, you will need to sign up for one with the email address that you want to manage the label with)

  4. Type the name of your music label. If the name appears in the drop-down, then your ‘team’ is already set up and you can follow directions in the form to request access (or ask internally to be added by the label admin)

  5. If the name does not appear, select ‘Create new team’

  6. Follow the directions to make the request to Spotify

Important: Use an Official Email Address

When you apply, make sure to use an official email address for your music label that includes your music label in the domain name. For example, if your label is called "Proton Radio", apply for label access with an email address that looks like "" and NOT "". If your music label is not in your email address domain name, then this will delay your approval.  Don't apply from a from a personal GMail address, etc. 

Haven't Gotten Your Invite Yet?

It may take 2-3 weeks for Spotify to approve your request, so please be patient!
If it's been a few weeks and you've still not received an invite, then you can try following up directly with Spotify at this email address: 

Important: That email address is only for inquiries related to label access to Spotify for Artists. Please do not write that address about other issues.

Additionally, if you manage multiple music labels, you can write that  address and request that your multiple labels are added/combined to your Spotify Artists team.

If you're still unable to get your invite after following the above guide, contact and we'll help you get sorted out!

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