Beatport Exclusivity

How it works, the benefits you receive, and the configuration options!

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Music labels have the option to release exclusively on the Beatport download store in exchange for additional benefits: extra opportunities for exposure and way more money: exclusive labels earn 36% more on their new releases than non-exclusive labels!

IMPORTANT: At Proton a music label can be exclusive on Beatport and still release music at the same time on all other streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, etc. 

By default, every Proton label is exclusive on Beatport unless you've asked us to configure it differently for you. To view your label's exclusivity settings, go to the Details & Settings tab of your music label inside SoundSystem.

What are the benefits?

Exclusive releases are more eligible for features across Beatport. While being exclusive does not guarantee placement or support, it does increase your chances! 

A Beatport exclusive music label receives 5% more in royalties** across their entire catalog, not just their new releases. That extra 5% applies to back catalog, too!

Not only that, but exclusive tracks sell for a higher price point: $2.49 instead of $1.69. This means you earn considerably more money during the exclusive period, since exclusive tracks are more expensive.

Combined, Beatport exclusive labels earn a lot more money money: they earn 5% more across their entire catalog AND extra on each exclusive track sold.

As a result, Beatport new releases on exclusive labels earn 36% more money than normal, non-exclusive releases. That's huge and really adds up!

  • **IMPORTANT: A music label must be under a Beatport exclusive contract in order to receive the extra 5% in royalties. If you're under a non-exclusive contract but select a specific release to be exclusive, you do NOT earn the extra 5% on that specific release. By default, all Proton labels are under the Beatport exclusive contract and earn this 5% extra automatically.

How does it work?

  • When you're exclusive on Beatport, you decide if your release is exclusive on Beatport for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 8 weeks. This is referred to as the "exclusivity period".

  • During the exclusivity period your music is available for download ONLY on Beatport, but available on all streaming platforms. Your release goes live on other download platforms like TraxSource, Juno, and the iTunes download store AFTER the exclusivity period is over. 

  • You can configure the exclusivity period in the "Details & Settings" area at the bottom of your release page inside SoundSystem. 

  • If you want to disable Beatport exclusivity OR enable Beatport exclusivity, please contact us.

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