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Beatport Genres: Beatport changed the genre on my track. How do I change it back?
Beatport Genres: Beatport changed the genre on my track. How do I change it back?
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When it comes to genres on Beatport there are 2 ways it can go wrong:

  • The second way: You set the genre correctly, but Beatport changed it. This is the article that helps you with this second way.

If Beatport changed the genre on your track, that means Beatport's curation team listened to your track and decided it fits best in another genre.

This usually happens if Beatport plans on *featuring* your release somewhere in the genre they changed it to, so be sure to look around the genre page & the genre's Must Hear Chart before requesting a change. Beatport features update on Monday and Tuesday, so we suggest waiting until Wednesday to request a change, in case they featured you somewhere.

Still want to ask Beatport to change the genre on your track?

As the record store, Beatport reserves the right to place your track in any genre of their store, without your permission. However, they allow distributors like Proton to make a request to change the genre back to the original setting.

Here's what you need to send to Proton:

Beatport requires that you listen to their genre guidelines and select ONE SONG from their genre guidelines that best matches the sound of your track. If you want the track moved into "Melodic House & Techno" for example, you need to select a song from the "Melodic House & Techno Guidelines" playlist.

If the genre you want to move the track into doesn't have a guideline yet, then select a track from the genre's current Top 100 that most sounds like your song.

Contact us with the following details, then we'll ask Beatport to consider your request:

  1. Your Label Name:

  2. Your Catalog Number:

  3. Your Track Name (Mix Version): 

  4. Your Track's Original Artists: 

  5. Your Track URL:

IMPORTANT: Submitting this request does NOT guarantee that Beatport will update the genre, as they have final say on their store.

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