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Beatport Genres: Need help fixing a mistake you made?
Beatport Genres: Need help fixing a mistake you made?

Did you submit the wrong genre for your track and now you need it fixed?

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When it comes to genres on Beatport there are 2 ways it can go wrong:

  • The first way: You selected the wrong genre yourself and need it changed. This is the article for you!

If you selected the wrong genre on your track and need it changed, please send the following form to Proton for EACH track you need fixed:

Genre Correction Request

  1. Label Name:

  2. Release Name:

  3. Catalog #:

  4. Track URL or Tracklist #:
    (If the track is on Beatport, use the Track URL, otherwise use the Tracklist #.)

  5. Your Requested Genre:

Along with this information, please provide:

  • A screenshot of the genre that you set inside SoundSystem so we can forward it to Beatport

  • The following statement: I verify that the genre I submitted on my track was incorrect. This is not the scenario where Beatport changed my genre to something else. Thanks!

Send your request to

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