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On Beatport, how do I submit a track to the "Bass / Club" genre?
On Beatport, how do I submit a track to the "Bass / Club" genre?

And why aren't these genres listed inside Proton?

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On Beatport, the "Bass / Club" genre is specially curated by the Beatport staff. You cannot tag tracks with this genre like you do with the other normal genres.  Instead, you have to submit a special request for each track you want considered in the Leftfield genres.

Here's how it works:

  1. While developing the release in SoundSystem, select a genre for your track that you'd like Beatport to use in case they reject your request.

  2. Schedule the release on Proton as you normally would.

  3. Now, you'll need to fill out a special form and send it to Proton. 

IMPORTANT: Submitting this request does NOT guarantee that Beatport will update the genre, as they have the final say.

If you need to request a change on multiple tracks, please fill out a separate form for each track. We know that's annoying, but it's Beatport policy & outside our control.

Application for Bass / Club

Fill this out & send it to:, with the email subject: "Bass/Club Submission for Beatport". Please do not email us unless your music label is powered by Proton distribution.

  1. Listen to Beatport's Bass / Club examples. Select a track on this list that most resembles your song, then paste the URL for that track here.

  2. Your Label Name:

  3. Your Catalog Number:

  4. Your Track Name (Mix Version): 

  5. Your Release Name:

  6. Your Original Artists: 

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