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Beatport Drop of the Week

How to get featured on Beatport's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Want more support from Beatport? Beatport's "Drop of the Week" gives artists and labels a chance for support on Beatport's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter -- reaching over 2M fans.

What is Beatport's Drop of the Week?

Drop of the Week is a series of posts on Beatport's social media profiles where they feature a video of a DJ playing your track.

In general, Beatport only features videos of DJs that have a very high social media following already. Below are some example video posts from Beatport Selects, to give you an idea:

As you can see, unless the DJ has over 100K fans on SoundCloud, you probably should not bother submitting your video unless you've received a direct invitation.

How do I submit a video?

To start, here's Beatport's official guide for submitting a video to Beatport Selects.
Once you've read the guide, here's the official Beatport form to submit your video.

IMPORTANT: If you're a subscribing member of Beatport Hype, speak to your Hype label rep about your submission after completing the form. Hype lables have a better chance of getting support!

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