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What tracks can you play? How do you upload?

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Proton's Artists & Promo Pool DJs can now upload DJ Mixes to Spotify & Apple Music!

  • Proton Artists - If you've released music on any label distributed by Proton, this means you're invited to the beta!

  • Promo Pool DJs - If any Proton label has invited you to their promo pool on Proton, then this means you're invited to the beta too.

Here's everything you need to know to get started. Our guide here will help answer the following questions...

  • What tracks can I play in mixes right now?

  • How do I earn money?

  • How do I upload my mix?

What tracks can I play in my mixes during the beta?

  • You can play tracks on Proton labels where you've released music already.

  • You can play tracks from any Proton labels that invited you to their promo pool**

  • A track must be released or on pre-order before you can schedule it for release: if a song isn't at least on pre-order yet, you'll need to wait to publish the mix.

This means you cannot play tracks from any music label you want. If you released music on a label that isn't distributed by Proton, this means you cannot feature that music label in your mix quite yet. Sorry!

We've made it very easy to browse all the tracks that you can play in your mixes.
Every artist & promo pool DJ on Proton has access to a personalized TRACK STACK:

  • Your Track Stack features all tracks from every Proton label you’ve signed with.

  • This is similar to a MyBeatport or SoundCloud feed, but features tracks you can play in your mixes during the beta!

  • If you're in the promo pool for a music label, the promos will be directly available for download on the Track Stack. Otherwise, there's a link to Beatport to download tracks, or you can ask the label manager to add you to the promo pool.

** If you receive promos from a Proton label but not via the Proton Promo Pool, then you will NOT be able to feature that label in your mixes unless the label also adds you to their list on Proton.

How do I earn money from my mixes?

Unlike SoundCloud or MixCloud, DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple Music make money for artists, labels, and DJs too. Here’s how it works:

  • For each song in a DJ Mix, artists & labels earn the same money as an unmixed play from their original release. Artists & Labels don’t earn any less from a song played in a DJ Mix. In fact, an artist making a mix of their own tracks will actually earn MORE than an unmixed play, because...

  • DJs earn 10% on every track streamed in their mix. This extra 10% is added to any percentage you might already have on the track, if it's your own track! This means if you play your own tracks in your mix, you'll earn 10% more than unmixed plays.

Earnings from your DJ Mixes will be added automatically to your quarterly royalty statements from Proton, available in SoundSystem.

How do I upload my mix to Spotify & Apple Music?

We've prepared a helpful step-by-step guide here. If you get stuck or have any questions, you can ask our support team for help:

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