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Facebook Live Stream FAQ for Proton's Artists & Label Owners
Facebook Live Stream FAQ for Proton's Artists & Label Owners

Things to know before DJ'ing live on Facebook!

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Live streaming on Facebook is still new, and doesn't work that great for DJ sets. Anyone can start a live stream easily, but it's common for Facebook to cancel / stop your live stream. Here's what you need to know!

  • Proton allows any artist or DJ to play any track from our labels in their live stream. We do NOT trigger any takedowns or blocks on Facebook.

  • If you play 100% tracks from Proton labels in your Facebook live stream, then you should be OK, but it's not guaranteed. Here's why...

  • Facebook's audio recognition system is still in beta. While you may play an approved Proton track, Facebook may incorrectly think you've played a track from another distributor, and this can get you live stream taken down.

For this reason, Proton does NOT recommend live streaming DJ sets on Facebook at this time, since Facebook may incorrectly stop your live stream.

Instead, Proton highly recommends using Twitch for live streaming instead:

  • Twitch will not cancel/takedown your live stream, no matter what track you play.

  • The audio quality on Twitch is a lot better than Facebook.

Our friends over at DJ Tech Tools have put together a helpful guide for livestreaming on Twitch, which we can highly recommend. Check it out!

Wait -- I played a Proton track in my Facebook live stream, but it still got taken down. What happened?

Facebook's recognition system is slow to identify the tracks you're playing live. Here's what probably happened:

  • First, you played a track in your live stream which is not distributed by Proton.

  • Later, you started playing a track from a Proton label!

  • While still playing the Proton track, Facebook finished identifying the FIRST track you played, and then takes your stream offline. This makes you think the Proton track caused the take down, but it was the track you played earlier that caused it.

Facebook's live streaming for DJs is still in beta, so if you see anything out-of-date in this article, or have more questions, feel free to let us know!

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