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Proton's Promo Pool - How It Works
Proton's Promo Pool - How It Works

Read me first before adding subscribers to your promo pool!

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Proton Promo is currently in beta & by invitation only. If your label is powered by Proton, you can sign up for the waitlist & get immediate early access to test drive with your own artist roster.



Proton’s promo pool platform is 100% free, almost entirely automatic, and mobile friendly. You’ll save time and money, but also supercharge streaming earnings thanks to automatic integration with Proton’s DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple:

  • It’s free - No upfront or monthly costs. It’s free for Proton’s music labels & DJs.

  • It’s automatic - No re-uploading tracks or metadata. Mail-outs are automatic, too!

  • It’s easy - You don’t need the email address for every artist you want to invite.

Additionally, artists on your releases can easily view feedback they receive automatically by visiting your label’s “Feedback” tab. Unlike InFlyte, you won’t have to manually add artists for them to access their feedback: artists get access automatically via their Proton account.

And most importantly: DJs in your Proton promo pool can feature your label’s music in their DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple, helping you increase earnings & exposure. On average, each DJ mix on Spotify & Apple Music will boost plays for featured tracks by 10% or more!

OK, how does Proton’s promo pool work?

  • You can easily add subscribers to your promo pool without needing everyone’s email address. If they’re already in Proton’s system, you can invite them with a click.

  • Promos are automatically available to your subscribers on the Beatport pre-order date. This means you don’t need to remember to send each promo or spend any time sending it out for every release, like InFlyte or other promo pool platforms.

  • Promos remain available to your subscribers for 2 full weeks after their release date. This means DJs have more time to respond, and don't feel rushed to respond before the release date.

  • DJs receive invites & new promos weekly on Thursdays, by default. Unlike other promo pools, Proton does NOT spam DJs with new invites and promos all the time. Instead, DJs will receive a summary of new invitations & promos once per week on Thursdays. DJs can choose to receive daily or instant notifications, but by default they get emailed weekly instead of a huge volume of annoying emails.

  • PRO TIP: Promo mail outs at Proton happen on Thursdays. Make sure to schedule your pre-order at least a week in advance, ideally 28 days in advance, to ensure DJs have plenty of time to receive email notifications & review your promo!

  • IMPORTANT: Proton's promo pool does NOT send a promo to DJs if the release is 100% re-released tracks. Compilations that are 100% re-released songs will NOT get sent to your subscribers or be available in their Inbox. To make sure a release goes on promo, make sure there is at least one new track! If your release has at least 1 new track, then the re-released tracks will also appear in the promo & inbox.

All artists in your promo pool can feature your label in their DJ mixes on Spotify & Apple Music to help you increase earnings & exposure. If you don’t want DJs using your music in their mixes on Spotify, do NOT add them to your promo pool on Proton.


Your Promo Pool + DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple Music

When you add a DJ to your promo pool on Proton, it gives them permission to feature your label’s catalog in their DJ Mixes on Spotify and Apple Music.

If they feature your music in their mix, then each play of your track earns as much money for the music label as it does on the original unmixed release.

DJs also earn money for their DJ Mixes: they earn 10% of all streaming revenue for their DJ Mix. This money comes from Proton’s share as a distributor, so it doesn’t lower your earnings. By giving a percentage of earnings to DJs, DJs are incentivized to help promote the mix as much as possible: which helps your label earn more money.

You cannot block DJs in your promo pool from playing your music on Spotify & Apple Music. If you don’t want a DJ playing your music in their mixes, do NOT add them to your promo pool.


The promo pool is under active development. If you have feedback or suggestions or find a bug, please let us know!

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