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Spotify for Artists: Instant Access & Verification (for Artists, not Label Managers)
Spotify for Artists: Instant Access & Verification (for Artists, not Label Managers)
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Are you an artist with at least 1 release on a music label distributed by Proton?

  • Get your artist profile instantly verified on Spotify.

  • Access Spotify for Artists immediately, without having to wait!

Once verified, you'll be able to feature playlists on your profile, upload images, access advanced daily reporting, and start uploading Canvas videos to all your tracks.


This will only work if you have at least 1 release on Spotify where,

  • You're the release level artist. This means you need to be listed at the top of the release on Spotify. This unfortunately won't work if you're a remixer or featured in a various artists compilation.

  • Your release must ALREADY BE ONLINE at Spotify. If your release is not out yet, you won't be able to get instant access through Proton. Wait till the release date!

  • Your release must be on a music label distributed by Proton. If your music label is not distributed by Proton, we can't help you get instant access or verification.

OK -- I meet the requirements. How do I do it?

  • Step 1 - Sign into Proton and head over to your Pro Access area

  • Step 2 - Next to the artist profile you want to verify, click EDIT

  • Step 3 - Scroll down to LINKS & CONNECTIONS and click VERIFY next to Spotify

  • Step 4 - Login to Spotify with the user account you want connected to your artist profile. This will be the user account that gains access to Spotify for Artists.

That's it! You'll be immediately taken directly to Spotify for Artists, and your artist profile on Spotify will now be verified.

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