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Beatport DJ - what it means for electronic music artists & labels.
Beatport DJ - what it means for electronic music artists & labels.
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Beatport has recently launched their new DJ web app. If you're a label manager or artist, then here's what you need to know.

  • It's not free: a paid subscription to Beatport Link is required, though a free trial gives DJs a test drive before they start paying.

  • This means when DJs stream tracks in the app, it generates streaming revenue. Earnings from Beatport Link are already being paid, and can be found in Proton royalty statements every quarter.

The new Beatport app is important for a few reasons, because for the first time it gives DJs access to new features previously unavailable on the Beatport store:

  • DJs can now test mix different tracks with other tracks before buying, to hear if they mix well together. This features a web-based DJ mixer that lets you mix tracks together, and even includes EQ knobs + cue points.

  • The app also includes “auto mix” functionality which actually works pretty well. Subscribers can listen to top 100 & DJ charts in a continuous “auto mix”, without intros and outros, which is a great way to browse & discover new music on Beatport.

Beatport’s main goal with the new app is to drive paid subscriptions to Beatport Link. Specifically, the app aims to convert casual fans of electronic music into aspiring DJs who pay to support your music, either via Beatport Link or downloads on the Beatport store. Beatport is trying to increase the number of customers paying for your music, which is a good thing for artists & labels.

This app is not currently a replacement for the store: it's primarily a streaming app, not for shopping & downloading tracks. There aren’t checkout buttons (yet). However, we expect this new app could grow to become the new Beatport store in the road ahead, if things go well.

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