Archive Access (Beta Guide)

The Label Managers guide to using Proton's exclusive power tool for DJ Mixes. Get started here!

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Archive Access allows a music label to grant full access to their entire back catalog. The tool is designed to help Proton's music labels invite DJs to make a mix of their label's catalog for Spotify and Apple Music, helping labels grow earnings + exposure.

Archive Access Guide

(A) Decide which DJ(s) to invite!

(B) Invite the DJ, explaining the incentives + how it works.

(C) Grant Archive Access to the DJ, then send them the link to your label.

(D) Once the mix is done, prepare it inside Proton!

(A) Which DJs?

The first step with Archive Access is deciding which DJs to invite to make a mix. The more popular the DJ is, the more likely their mix will generate significant streams for you and your artists. Here are some ideas...

  • Artists on Upcoming Releases - If an artist has an upcoming release on your label, ask them to prepare a DJ mix as part of their release. This could be a requirement if you pay them an advance, for example.

  • DJs in your Promo Pool - If a DJ you admire is reacting positively to music in your promo pool, why not invite or hire them to do a DJ mix? This can be a great way to build closer relationships with DJs who can help your label grow -- especially if you offer them a small fee to make the mix.

  • Influential DJs on YouTube - If your music is being supported by DJs with lots of plays on YouTube, it can be a great idea to invite them to make an Archive Access mix: they'll feature the mix on their channel, which earns you money, and you can also release the mix on Spotify and Apple. Since YouTube DJs generally don't earn any money for their mixes, this can be a great opportunity for you both.

The higher profile the DJ, the more likely your mix will succeed on Spotify. While mixes from up & coming DJs are fantastic, we strongly recommend inviting a few DJs who can help your label grow and increase revenue. Check their Spotify monthly listeners, followers, and fans on social media.

IMPORTANT: To help music labels with their strategy, Proton now provides Spotify Popularity Scores for a music label's entire artist roster and promo pool.

Check our official announcement about Popularity Scores, and this FAQ on how to access them inside your promo pool. 😊

(B) Invite The DJ!

When you reach out to the DJ, you'll need to explain how this works...

  1. The DJ will earn money from their mix. (10% of all streams!)

  2. For an Archive Access mix, the DJ can only play tracks on your label. Explain they cannot play unsigned tracks / songs from other labels: this mix is about the music on your label's catalog.

  3. Explain how you'll promote their mix, perhaps with social media posts/ads, or any other incentives you can reward them with. (Paid fees for a mix can also be a great idea, if the DJ is high profile enough.)

  4. Explain the mix can be any length, but the longer the mix, the more money they'll make (since they earn money for each stream.)

  5. We recommend giving them a deadline (1 month), and telling them exactly what you need: the full length audio file + tracklist.

We recommend putting together an example message that you can re-use when inviting DJs, to make it easier. If you need help, ask the Proton team for a template!

(C) Give Archive Access to the DJ!

Once they've agreed to make the mix for you...

  1. Invite them to your promo pool, if they are not already!

  2. Click "Grant Archive Access" in the action menu next to their name, like this:

The DJ is given Archive Access for 1 month, afterwards it will expire automatically. They will not have permanent access to your catalog. You can REVOKE or RENEW their access via the same action menu any time.

IMPORTANT: When you click "Grant Archive Access", DJs will NOT receive any message or notification from Proton. You are required to give them the info about next steps, including a link to your label's catalog.

(D) Upload & Prepare The Mix!

Once the DJ delivers their mix + tracklist, you can prepare it yourself by following our guide here for Label Mixes. If you need help, ask the Proton team. :)


  • Consider having a cover art template you can re-use for your DJ Mixes, so you don't have to come up with a new one each time.

  • Consider setting up a DJ Mix series (with a recurring title/name) so that the DJ doesn't have to come up with a name for their mix each time.

  • When the mix comes out, notify the artists featured in the mix, so they can help promote. :)

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