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Instagram Collabs

Boost followers, engagement, and save time.

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For electronic music labels and artists, posts on social media and Instagram in particular are increasingly important. But sometimes it's difficult to coordinate: the artist or label may be too busy to post, or simply forgot. Wouldn't it be nice if this was easier to manage?

Instagram Collabs empower music labels and artists to make one post that appears on up to 6 profiles. This is a big deal. Here's why!

  • Increase Followers: Both the music label and artists benefit from reaching each other's fanbase. In this way, the label and artists gain more followers, since the fans of the artists may be different than the fans of the label, etc.

  • More Likes, Comments, and Engagement: Because this is one post, and not spread across severaal different posts, there will be more engagement (likes, comments, etc) on 1 post. This increase chances of going viral and reaching more people.

But best of all...

  • Only 1 profile has to create the post, saving time! If the music label writes the post and adds the artists as collaborators (up to 5), then the artists don't have to do anything except approve the collaboration! In this way, music labels can help save artists time while also making sure the release gets promoted to the artist's own fanbase.

Ready to learn how it works? First, some important things to know!

About the Creator of the Post

  • The original creator controls the post, including all of its settings.

  • The creator's account can be public or private.

    • Public accounts: Public accounts can invite both public or private accounts to be collaborators.

    • Private accounts: Private accounts can invite both private or public accounts to be collaborators, but only if the invited account follows the private account.

    • The first time a private account invites a collaborator, they will see detailed information explaining the visibility of collaborative posts. Upon confirming their understanding of this, they can then extend collaboration invitations to anyone who follows them for future posts.

  • If the original creator switches their account to private, only their followers can see the post.

  • Either the music label OR the artist can create the post.

Important Details

  1. Collabs are possible for standard posts and Reels.

  2. There can be up to 6 profiles on a post: the creator and 5 collaborators.

  3. The collab goes live to the public immediately.

  4. The post will NOT appear as a collab until the other profile approves the collab.

  5. Collab posts CANNOT be scheduled in advance yet, unfortunately.
    (Hopefully scheduling collabs is possible soon.)

Step By Step Guide to Creating Collabs on Instagram

Step 1: Start by creating a Reel or Feed post.

Step 2: Tap “Tag People”.

Step 3: Tap “Invite Collaborator”. The creator can invite up to 5 collaborators, and they can't be added after the post has been published.

Step 4: Tap “Done” after you've added the collaborators.

Step 5: Tap “Share” to make the post public.

How does a collaborator approve the collab?

  • Step 1. Go to the activity page.

  • Step 2. Click on the invite notification.

  • Step 3. Tap Review.

  • Step 4. Select Accept.

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