Proven screens every employer that attempts to post on our site.  However, sometimes, a fraudulent posting will slip through and go live on our job board.

As a candidate, when looking for a job, there are some good rules to follow that will prevent you from becoming a victim of fraudulent postings on Proven and any other job site out there.

How to avoid fraudulent job postings:

  • Never send money or goods to a prospective employer. No legitimate employer will ask for compensation from you for a job they are trying to fill. This is true even for job posters who say that applicants need to pay for training before they can start the job.
  • Never send confidential information to a prospective employer. This includes information like your social security number, personal address, driver's license number, bank information, etc. There is no need for an employer to have this information and very few employers actually need this information in order to hire you.
  • Only meet prospective employers in public areas where there are other people. Meeting people in alleyways, late at night, etc. opens you up to being robbed or worse if the job posting is fraudulent.
  • Avoid applying to job postings that contain misspelled words or are vague. This is typically a red flag that the posting could be fraudulent.
  • If you do apply to a job and the person or company that reaches out to you is not the same as the one on the job ad, you should immediately stop communicating with the employer and report the posting to Proven.
  • Before applying to a job, Google the name of the company. If you cannot find any information on the company, the posting is likely fraudulent.
  • If you think someone is pretending to work for a real company, just find the company on the internet and give them a call. If the person works there great, if they do not, the company will be happy to know someone is using their name.
  • If you have any doubt that a posting is fraudulent, do not apply, no matter how great the posting is. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

Reporting Fraud

If you think you applied to a fraudulent position on Proven, please reach out to us at and let us know the name of the position and the company. We'll look into it and remove the posting from our site if it is in fact fraudulent.

Additionally, if you do encounter fraudulent posters, you can file cases of fraud with the government here.

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