If you're applying and not getting hired there are a few things to consider.

1) Make sure you are messaging back employers in a timely manner. Employers often get dozens of applications for each position and waiting even a few days can mean you will lose the job to another applicant.

2) Spend time writing a good resume and cover letter for each position. Many applicants make the mistake of not submitting a resume and simply asking for an interview. This puts them at a huge disadvantage compared to applicants who take the time to write a cover letter/resume. If you don't have a resume and don't know how to write a resume try one of the free online resources like resume.com.

3) Apply to positions that are a good fit. Don't try to apply to positions for which you are not qualified. It is better to apply to less positions that are better suited to your experience and skillset.

4) Double check your writing to avoid or limit spelling errors.

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