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What is PublicSquare?
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Welcome to PublicSquare!

PublicSquare is the largest directory of freedom-loving businesses in America! It is a digital marketplace designed to connect you to values-aligned businesses.

Get started by accessing the app on mobile or check us out on the web at!

What is Shop?

The Shop tab allows you to find businesses that offer virtual services and online shopping. It also highlights high-quality products for you!

Make sure to also check out our search feature!

You can adjust your search to see products or business listings!

What is Cart?

The Cart tab enables you to find and manage all the products you add to your cart! When you're ready to order, click "Checkout" to purchase directly from the app! Whenever you search for a product, you can toggle on the "Buy on PublicSquare" Filter to be shown products that can be added to your PublicSquare Cart.

What is Near Me?

The Near Me tab features a dynamic map that helps you find freedom-loving businesses located near you.

You can also scroll down and view businesses by category and sort them by distance!

What is Account?

The Account tab allows you to manage your account settings, as well as check out our values, the RedBalloon job board, and more!

Start Exploring!

Now that you have a basic understanding of what PublicSquare has to offer, you can start exploring the app for businesses that share your values! Try searching for coffee, for diapers, or for shoes!

Enjoy shopping with your values! Go to PublicSquare to get started here.

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