Think of a token as a unique id that correctly identifies a social media user as someone who uses that social channel. It can be used by web applications, like Pulsar, to make data requests on behalf of the user who has added that token.  

Because of privacy checks, the majority of data requests to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google now need to include a user’s access token. There are different types of access tokens to support different use cases but typically a user access token is obtained via a login dialog. Through this process, the person logging in is required to permit Pulsar to obtain a token from them, and agree that Pulsar can then go on to use that token to collect posts on their behalf. 

Once your token has been added to Pulsar, you can choose at any time to revoke Pulsar’s access to that token. This can be done from your profile settings on Facebook, Instagram, Google account or Twitter. Similarly, changing your password on any of the social channels where an access token is required will immediately revoke Pulsar’s access, meaning we will stop collecting any data from that channel on your behalf. 

You can add Tokens in your Pulsar Settings page - See How do I add Tokens? below for additional details.

What does the email "Your token load is too high on Pulsar" mean?

If you receive one of these emails, it means that the ratio of data volume per token is too high, so we don't have enough tokens across your team subdomain to service the amount of data you are collecting. The more tokens you have, the easier it is for us to collect data on your behalf. 

Why do tokens expire?

  • Changing your login details, e.g. your email and password, for that social channel.
  • Updating the user profile details of your social accounts, e.g. merging FB Pages; or making a Page or Account private.  
  • This is rare but sometimes if a social channel's API has made some significant changes to the way applications like Pulsar collect data, you may need to add a new token as the old ones instantly become invalid and therefore require new permissions. 

How do I add tokens?

  • Go into the top right hand side of your subdomain and click into your username
  • Click on Settings
  • Then go to the left hand menu and select Tokens
  • Click on "Add tokens", for whichever social channel you need: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. 
  • This will then guide you to a Login dialog, where you'd need to authorise Pulsar to collect data on your behalf. 
  • Click "Authorise App"

If successfully completed, this will re-direct you back to the main tokens page in Pulsar. If not, you will see an error message with some additional information on what you need to do next. Alternatively our product support team are always at hand to help guide you through this process.  

Please note that before adding Instagram tokens, you must have an Instagram Business account that is linked up to your Facebook Business Manager. To learn more about how to set this up check out our guide here.

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