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How to configure Service Monitoring and Service Notifications
How to configure Service Monitoring and Service Notifications
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Service Monitoring gives you the ability to view the status of monitored services, getting notified when a service is stopped and the ability to start/stop monitored services.

Service Monitoring can be configured in the "Server Admin > Policies > System > Monitored Services" section of the Web App.

The Services to be monitored can be imported from a (1) specific System or from another (2) Endpoint Policy or can be (3) Manually entered.

You can define the number of minutes a Service needs to have stopped (or not started at all) before a Notification is sent by Pulseway. You can also define the Priority of the notification. The notification timer is defaulted to send notifications after one minute of the service status change.

Once this checkbox is enabled, you will be able to choose the desired action for each of the added Services - i.e. "Send Alert" or "Do Nothing".

You can also configure these settings on the Pulseway Agent itself. However, the Web App Policy settings (if applied to the same machine) will always take precedence over the individual agent settings.

Also, Policies are naturally more convenient for applying such monitoring rules, as they can be applied to multiple machines simultaneously.

To configure these settings on the Agent, go to the "System > Services" tab and select the Services to be monitored.

The Notification threshold time and Notification Priority can be defined in the "Notifications > Services" tab.

On the Pulseway Web App as well as the Mobile App, in the "Systems > Services" section, for each System, you can see the "Monitored Services" and "All Services".

From this section, the User can Start / Stop / Pause / Restart each Service.

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