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How to enable and configure monitoring for the Exchange Server
How to enable and configure monitoring for the Exchange Server
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Microsoft Exchange Servers are in the top list of the most used email servers. They handle billions of email every day, however, configuring and maintaining them can be an issue for any system administrator. Pulseway is here to help. Just enable the Server module and configure the settings, if the server is not locally installed you can monitor a remote one.

Enable the notifications for the Microsoft© Exchange© Server

Exchange server module can send notifications for the following conditions:

  • Database gets Mounted / Dismounted

  • Message Queue exceeds preconfigured limit

  • Mailbox size exceeds preconfigured limit

To add a monitored mailbox you need to execute a script in the Exchange Management Shell that gives you the information Pulseway needs:

  • Mailbox Identifier

  • Display Name (you can change this field)

  • User Principal Name (email address)

  • Size Threshold (GB) (Notification threshold)

  • Notification Priority

Note: When possible, Pulseway will automatically fill in the required values.

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