How to configure the Windows Event Log monitoring
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Monitoring event logs for problems is an easy way to identify a problem before turns into something irreversible.

To configure this on the Pulseway Web App, you can setup a Policy in the "Server Admin > Policies > Create Policies > Notifications > Event Log" section.

By enabling the option to "Send a Notification when an event log is written and it is matching one of these filters", the options to "Add Filter" and "Import Filter" are activated.

Below is an example of a disk event monitoring. Event Log, Level, Keywords, Event IDs, Sources are all filters that can be used all at the same time.

You can also configure this setting on the Pulseway Agent itself. However, the Web App Policy settings (if applied to the same machine) will always take precedence over the individual agent settings.

Also, Policies are naturally more convenient for applying such monitoring rules, as they can be applied to multiple machines simultaneously.

To configure the Event Log on the Pulseway Manager, go to "Notifications - enable notifications (check the check-box) - Add".

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