How to install plugins
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To install plugins you must first have them in your computer. Our community is a great place to start looking for them.

After you have downloaded a plugin, extract it and read its installation notes. Most plugins only require you to “install” them; however, some require extra configuration. For this example we chose “Power of the Shell” plugin released by Cptrico.

Extract the contents of the downloaded archive, and copy the PowerOfTheShell.dll and config.xml files to any folder you wish, just make sure you don’t delete it after that. Open config.xml with your favorite text editor and change the path of the built in script or add your own entries. Just make sure that the path is valid and that the local user account has access to it.

Open up Pulseway Manager, click on the Plugins tab and click on Add. Point to the PowerOfTheShell.dll file and click Ok. On the next window make sure that PowerOfTheShell is selected and click Ok.

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