Runtime configuration covers settings for Pulseway’s core modules:

  • Auto Updater

  • Performance Manager

  • Pulseway User Agent

  • PowerShell User Impersonation

Auto Updater keeps your Pulseway up to date automatically. It is highly recommended that you leave this on.

Pulseway can be optimized to perform faster or to constrain its memory consumption to a minimum.

Increasing priority to Pulseway will ensure that Pulseway calls will be prioritized so that the amount of time you have to wait until you receive data back is kept to a minimum.

Pulseway User Agent is required for User Session Commands (Screen View, Webcam View, User Chat and User Support Request). 

Note: The User Agent will run on each user session on the computer. Onterminal servers this can become a nuisance and can be disabled.

PowerShell User Impersonation will run PowerShell commands as the user configured. Compile the domain box only if your computer is part of a domain.

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