Syslog is a standard for computer data logging. It separates the software that generates messages from the system that stores them and the software that reports and analyzes them.

You can configure this in the "Server Admin > Policies > Other Settings" section of the Pulseway Web App.

You may choose to receive a status report containing one or more of the following:

  • Processor usage

  • Memory usage

  • Disk space usage

  • Logged in users count

  • Network speed

  • Ping round trip time

  • Ping responses

Note: Pulseway notifications will be sent even if the Syslog server is inaccessible.

You can also configure this setting on the Pulseway Agent itself. However, the Web App Policy settings (if applied to the same machine) will always take precedence over the individual agent settings.

Also, Policies are naturally more convenient for applying such monitoring rules, as they can be applied to multiple machines simultaneously.

To configure this setting on the Agent, go to the "Settings > Syslog" tab.

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