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System Management with the Pulseway Dashboard Application
System Management with the Pulseway Dashboard Application
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With the introduction of the advanced Pulseway Dashboard Application, the old way of managing systems directly from the Pulseway Agent Manager has been replaced with a more convenient, expeditious way. The Dashboard Application is available for download from our website or directly from the WebApp -> Downloads -> Dashboard.

The Pulseway Dashboard Application provides a single pane view of all monitored systems. In this view, the User sees the internet connectivity status of each system at a glance (whether it is online, offline or under maintenance), besides their CPU consumption and extent of free memory availability.

Also, a summary of the internet connectivity status and the total number of notifications is displayed on top of the dashboard. The group-wise summary is provided in the headline of each group.

In the interest of efficiency, the systems displayed on the Dashboard for a User can be customized (1) dynamically (by clicking on "Scope" option) in the top menu or (2) defined for a particular User in the "Tools > Settings" section in the top menu.

The Notifications on all Systems can be viewed by clicking on the "Data" option on the top menu. There is an option to delete all notifications at one go from this menu. Also, the User can view the Group Statistics on the Data menu - i.e. the average CPU usage, the average memory consumption and the total number of users across all groups. Users can also launch the Pulseway Web App from the Data menu.

In the "Tools > Settings" path, the User can set user accounts-specific Filters, Display Settings, Proxy Settings, Application update settings and other such options.

By clicking on a System on the Dashboard Application, the entire set of notifications generated on that system is displayed. The full notification can be viewed and deleted, if necessary.

In order to configure the Pulseway Manager settings on a remote machine right-click on the system and select 'Edit Computer Settings'.

Once done, you will be presented similar screen allowing you to manage the agent -

You can also remote into a System or enable maintenance mode by right-clicking on it in the Pulseway Dashboard.

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