Pulseway is now integrating with the ConnectWise Manage ticketing platform.
By configuring this integration Pulseway will be able to create tickets into the ConnectWise Manage (service desk board) based on the notifications which are triggered from your monitored systems.

In order to configure this, the following steps are required:

Open the Pulseway WebApp →Integrations → ConnectWise. In this section you will find the button 'Get Started'.

Once you will click on this button, you will be presented with the detailed information about how to configure this integration. For this purpose you will need to create a new user and then generate the API key for it.

Generate the API key for this user from the ConnectWise Manage web console:

Once the API keys are generated, save these keys and then use them into the Pulseway WebApp to configure the integration.

Once the required information is entered click 'Next'. On the next screen you will need to configure the service desk board with which are we planning to integrate Pulseway (it is possible to select more than one board).

And then map (configure) the initial statuses for the tickets which will be created using this integration.

After that click on the button 'Next' and you will see the third step. In this step you will need to configure the Priority mapping for the tickets between the Pulseway RMM and ConnectWise Manage.

Once it is done click on the 'Next' button and into the last step you will need to configure the organization mapping between the Pulseway RMM and ConnectWise Manage.

Configure the organization mapping, then all sites and groups will inherit the same organization mapping. However if we need to edit, then you can do it manually for each group or site.

Once the mapping is configured, you will need to specify which notifications you would like to forward to the ConnectWise Manage service desk board. The notification filter can be configured based on the notification priority.

In my case I have selected the option that all Critical & Elevated notifications will be forward to ConnectWise Manage.

And once again there is the option to configure the notification filter or each of the group of systems separately.

And finally save the configuration.  

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