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Getting Started With 3rd Party Patching
Getting Started With 3rd Party Patching

Learn how to use the 3rd Party Patch Management module

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In order to start with 3rd Party patching, please open the Pulseway WebApp -> Patch Management -> Policy section and create a new Policy or edit an existing policy.

A new screen will appear wherein the details of with the options to configure the OS patch conditions and schedule it if required. On the second tab there are option to configure the OS patch rules for the system. The third tab will give the option to configure 3rd Party Patch management rules.

Once this tab is selected, a list of all 3rd party applications natively supported by Pulseway are seen. You can select any of the 4 update-related actions for each application - Install and keep up to date or Keep up to date or Uninstall or Do nothing.

Finally, the User needs to save the policy.

Running/ Editing/ Deleting the Patch Policy

Once the User hover over the corresponding Policy, the options to (1) View the Policy (2) Run the Policy immediately (3) Edit the Policy (4) Clone the Policy and (5) Delete show up.

For existing customers:

The 3rd Party Patch management trial for existing customers can be started from the Pulseway WebApp -> Patch Management -> License tab. The User needs to click on the "Activate Trial" option to gain access.

Note: It might take a few minutes to activate this trial and then you will see it as active and this option will appear in the billing section.

Note: If you have a firewall, the below-mentioned hostnames need to be whitelisted.


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