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How to use the Pulseway Remote Control, File Transfer and Chat
How to use the Pulseway Remote Control, File Transfer and Chat
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Once the connection to the system is established, then the following screen will be presented.

In this screen will will be visible all currently logged in users and once you select the active user session then you will be able to start the Pulseway RD and join that session or log onto the console session using the Pulseway RD.

Once we are logged in then we will see the primary monitor for that system, however at the top of the Screen for the RD connection the menu is shown, which will include the option to switch the monitors/screens and file transfer.

1. Send Command

The first button will allow you to send the Ctrl+Alt+del to your remote system so you can log on to it if this security option is enabled.

2. File Transfer

To perform a File Transfer, you can simply copy any file from the host system (by right-click > copy or ctrl+c) and paste the same in the remote system (by right-click > paste or ctrl+v)

A progress bar will represent the extent of completion of the file transfer action.

3. Chat

Once you will click on to the 'Chat' button on the menu bar, then the chat window will appear and you as the technician will be able to start the conversation with your client using the Pulseway RD chat option. Therefore if you need to clarify some details then you can easily do it.

For your customer this message will be visible in the RD popup window and your customer will be able to reply. 

If your customer will select the Sessions tab, then he will be able to see all currently active the Pulseway RD sessions to his system.

Note: all chat messages will be shared with all technicians who are using Pulseway RD to connect to this machine at that time.

In order to disconnect current session your client might click on the button 'Disconnect' (please see the screenshot above).

4. Settings

Under the settings button you will find the options:

  • Smart Sizing - this option will make the screen from the remote option fit into the current size of the Pulseway RD window without scroll bars on the sides.

  • Disable Wallpaper - will make the background for the Pulseway RD 'Black' once you connect to the remote system.

  • Screen Options - User can choose between "Best Quality" , "Best Speed" and "Balanced" options.

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