Below is a list of all 3rd party titles supported by Pulseway 3rd Party Patch Management.

Launch Titles: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Windows, iTunes for Windows, Java SE Runtime Environment 7 (32-bit), Java SE Runtime Environment 7 (64-bit), Java SE Runtime Environment 8 (32-bit), Java SE Runtime Environment 8 (64-bit), Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 for Windows, Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 for Windows, Mozilla Firefox x64 for Windows, Mozilla Firefox x86 for Windows, Notepad++ x64 for Windows, Notepad++ x86 for Windows, QuickTime for Windows, TeamViewer 13 for Windows, TeamViewer 14 for Windows, VMware Workstation Player, VMware Workstation Pro for Windows and WinZip for Windows.

Additional titles added on 1st May 2019: 7-zip, Citrix Receiver, Google Chrome and Java(TM) SE Development Kit 11 (64 bit).

Additional titles added on 16th May 2019: Java JDK 8 - update 201 (32 bit), Java JDK 8 - update 201 (64 bit), Putty (32 bit), Putty (64 bit), Skype, WinRar (32 bit), WinRar (64 bit), Git, PDFCreator and CCleaner.

Additional titles added on 11th June 2019: 7-zip (64-bit), Evernote, FileZilla, LibreOffice and Skype for Business.

Additional titles added on 21st June 2019: Slack and Skype.

Additional titles added on 23rd August 2019: Adobe Flash Player AX, Adobe Flash Player NPAPI, Adobe Flash Player PPAPI and Git.

Additional titles added on 29rd August 2019: OpenOffice, Visual Studio Code and GoToMeeting.

Additional title added on 5th September 2019: Foxit Reader

Additional title added on 12th September 2019:  Citrix Workspace 19

Additional title added on 19th September 2019:  Microsoft Office 365 Business, Microsoft Office 365 Business Access, Microsoft Office 365 Business Excel, Microsoft Office 365 Business OneNote, Microsoft Office 365 Business Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 Business Powerpoint, Microsoft Office 365 Business Publisher and Microsoft Office 365 Business Word

Additional title added on 27th September 2019: AdoptOpenJDK8, AdoptOpenJDK11,
AdoptOpenJRE8, AdoptOpenJRE11, Microsoft Teams

Additional title added on 3rd October 2019: Dropbox and Google Backup and Sync 

Additional title added on 10th October 2019: Microsoft OneDrive and WinSCP

Additional title added on 17th October 2019: Zoom

Additional title added on 24th October 2019: Malwarebytes

Additional title added on 31st October 2019: TreeSize Free

Additional title added on 8th November 2019: OpenVPN

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