Once files from your monitored system is fully backed up, then these records will be available for recovery. In order to restore required files you will need to create Recovery Job from the Pulseway WebApp.

From the left hand side you will need select the required Organization\Site\Group from which is the system from which you want to restore files and from the left menu, you will need to select required system.

Once the system is selected click on the button 'Next' and then in to the next step you will see available backups for that system and you may select required time and then select required files and folders to restore.

or whole folders.

And then click 'Next'.

Once files and folders are selected, then into the next step you will need to select the system on which you want to backup these files (note: the backup agent should be installed on that system) and select the desired folder.

And click 'Next' to go to the last step.

In the last step you will review the recovery job and click on the button 'Restore' to save this job. As soon as recovery job is saved, then file restore process will be started.

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