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Hosting 3rd Party Patching MSI Files On Public Cloud Storage Providers
Hosting 3rd Party Patching MSI Files On Public Cloud Storage Providers

Guide on how to get direct download links from public cloud storage providers to be used for the 3rd party patching custom titles feature

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It is possible to store MSI files on public cloud providers and use them in the custom titles feature of 3rd party patching module. This guide will focus on Google Drive and Dropbox however other public cloud storage providers might work as well.

To convert a google drive file link into a direct download link we recommend that you use this 3rd party site: Google direct link generator.

Once a direct link is generated, you may use it to provision custom titles in the Pulseway WebApplication.


1. Upload an MSI installer to Google Drive and copy it's download link, it will look like this:

2. Put this link in google direct link generator and click on the "Create Direct Link" button:

3. Get the output link and add it in the custom title.

If the MSI file is stored on Dropbox, get the download link by opening the share file dialog:

Clicking on the Create link option will result in a generated URL as shown below:

This link ends with a “dl=0” – the last character, the zero (marked with the red arrow) should be changed to 1 and the URL would work like above at step 3.

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