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Installation of Bitdefender through Pulseway Portal
Installation of Bitdefender through Pulseway Portal

Adding Bitdefender to in Pulseway's integrated AV

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The recently-implemented closer integration between Pulseway and BitDefender Antivirus, enables you to install BitDefender through Pulseway.

In addition, Actions such as running scan and running updates for BitDefender can also be performed through Pulseway on the click of a button.

Let's see how BD can be installed through Pulseway - on (1) an individual system and (2) a collection of systems

(1) Individual Machines

Go into the Antivirus menu in Pulseway and select any system.

If no policy assigned, you will be presented with the option to install -

(if there is an existing policy you will be presented with various options depending on its status)

When you click Install, you will be presented with the option to install a particular Antivirus engine.

Once you click install, various options appear. You must also select the "Bitdefender company" from the dropdown. If you are an MSP, then this gives you the ability to assign it to a specific customer. All other users will typically have just one name in the dropdown list

By default, all of the standard features of Bitdefender are selected but you can opt to deselect them. You can also enable the optional EDR and FDE modules if you have purchased them.

Click Install

Once installation is complete Bitdefender will appear in the list of engines available to you in the Pulseway AV

(2) Multiple Machines

You can use the filters in the Agents Status screen to deploy on multiple machines together. Choose the appropriate group, tag, scope or type.

The install button shows the number of machines that will be impacted.

Click Install and you will be presented with the install window again.

Important! - Please note that the BitDefender integration-related features on Pulseway (such as Run Update and Run Scan) mandatorily require that the AV be installed via Pulseway. Hence, please ensure to always deploy BitDefender via the Pulseway Web App to utilize the integration.

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