What’s different about the Pulseway Team plan?

When you move to the Pulseway Team plan, you can benefit from these additional features at no extra charge:

Dedicated Instance

Unlike the Pulseway Pro plan, every Pulseway Team plan SaaS customer is assigned their own dedicated instance. This delivers improved performance.

Automation Workflows

Pulseway’s automation workflows allow you to define sophisticated auto-remediation workflows that are automatically can automatically resolve issues before they become a problem – often before the user notices anything is wrong.

Unlimited Remote Control

Unlike the Pro Plan you can have as many concurrent remote control sessions as you need.

Multi-User accounts

Pulseway Team supports multiple user accounts for truly collaborative working amongst your team.

Dashboards / Widgets

Get an instant overview of your environment with easy-to-use customizable interactive windows dashboards and mobile widgets. You can create public dashboards which provide real-time read only overviews for customers and stakeholders.

Client Portal

Reduce your support workload and improve user satisfaction with the Pulseway Client Portal. This innovative approach to end user support allows you to easily create interactive troubleshooter workflows for end users access from a simple interface. This gives them immediate access to help, without waiting for a support engineer to become available.


You can now brand the Pulseway experience by adding logos to the Pulseway RMM, Client Portal, System tray and reports.

History and Tracelog

Every command issued is logged in the database and can easily be viewed for auditing purposes. You can also search and browse previously deleted notifications.

MSP Toolkit

For our MSP customers we provide a range of free training videos and templates to help you build and run your business.

3rd Party Patching

For a small additional cost, you can add 3rd party application patching. With support for over 160 titles out of the box, and the ability add any other titles you need, you can now automatically manage all your patching requirements with Pulseway.

In product support

You can now get immediate access to support directly from within the Pulseway RMM web app.

Integrations & Add-ons

Pulseway Team edition adds integrations with IT Glue, ConnectWise, Bitdefender and Pulseway’s MSP management application – PSA.


If you purchase PSA, you can integrate its ticketing functionality with Pulseway RMM. This means you can manage tickets without having to switch applications – even from your mobile app. Branding

You can now brand the Pulseway experience by adding logos to the Pulseway RMM, Client Portal, System tray and reports.

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