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Global rules for Pulseway Patch Management
Global rules for Pulseway Patch Management
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Pulseway offers the capability to configure Global Rules to govern OS and 3rd Party Patch Management, which take precedence over all Policies. As the name implies, Global Rules are universal and apply to all monitored systems.

The Global Rules can be added in the "Patch Management > Global Rules" section. There are 2 sections here corresponding to OS Rules and 3rd Party application Rules. These Rules are configured in the same way as in the Policies. To learn how to configure local patching policies, please refer this article.

You can create a Rule by clicking on the "Add Rule" button. Just as in the Policies, the global OS rules are also evaluated in a top-down order.

If any Policy Rule is in conflict with the Global Rules, please note that the Global Rules will always take precedence.

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