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Configuring SNMP Monitoring via the Pulseway Web App
Configuring SNMP Monitoring via the Pulseway Web App
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SNMP Configuration can be enabled for each enrolled Network Device through the Pulseway Web App. On right-clicking on a Device and selecting the "Edit" option, the User can find the option to "Enable SNMP Configuration". The Port number and Version will be filled-in by default. For Versions 1 and 2, the User will have to enter the Community string.

Once SNMP is enabled, Users can assign "SNMP Profiles" to each Device. SNMP Profiles are created in the "Networks > SNMP Profiles" section.

An SNMP Profile is made up of a collection of -

(1) SNMP Variables (user-defined)

(2) SNMP Alerts (a combination of SNMP variable values as conditions for the alerts to be generated)

While configuring SNMP Alerts, the User can choose between the "All" condition or "Any" condition for the Variables defined for each alert.

Once an SNMP profile is assigned to a Device, if you navigate to the System details page of that machine (in the "Systems" menu), the SNMP variables option will show up automatically. If you click on the same, you can see all the SNMP variables defined in that profile and their values for that machine.

For each individual device, over and above the variables defined in the corresponding SNMP Profile, the User can also add additional SNMP variables.

SNMP in Automation Workflows

In addition, SNMP Alerts can be configured as "Triggers" for Pulseway's Automation Workflows. While doing the same, the User is asked to choose the SNMP Profile from which the Trigger SNMP Alert is to be extracted.

Also, SNMP variables can be used as Workflow conditions to further qualify the alert’s in-built conditions. Actions – send email, can send SSH command to the device etc.

The Automation Workflows feature also offers "Actions" that can be performed on network devices via Workflows.

Though Pulseway offers the option to configure SNMP Monitoring on each System through the Pulseway Agent (click here for the steps), it is recommended that SNMP is configured through the Pulseway Web App. This is due to the ease of applying the configurations on multiple Systems using the SNMP Profiles on the Web App, without having to map the same SNMP variables / alerts one by one to each Device.

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