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How can I create Web App Policy templates and Agent Configuration templates?
How can I create Web App Policy templates and Agent Configuration templates?
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You can create templates out of Web App Policies. Once a Policy is created, you can export it and then re-use it as needed.

You can also create your own Agent configuration templates and re-use them. You can also protect the configuration template with a password.

In order to create the template, you need to configure on one machine and then export the settings (including your account details) to a file, which is protected with the password.

Exporting the configuration is very useful if you plan to reinstall the computer. It’s a safe and easy process that can help you save time.

Start by fully configuring the current Pulseway installation. After you are ready, click on Export Settings link in the bottom on the screen:

You get to choose if you would like to include account details, authorized mobile devices and proxy settings. Also for security reasons you can encrypt the configuration file with a password that will be asked when you try to restore the configuration.

In order to restore the configuration, you must have the exported configuration file in your computer or at an accessible path, with read rights on the file and if you used one the encryption password at the export process.

Click on Import Settings from the lower side of the Pulseway Manager application to start the import process.

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