The first thing that you need to do is to enable the SNMP feature on your server/workstation, if it is not already enabled. Then you can contact the manufacturer of your RAID device and ask them to provide you wit the documentation about MIBs. If you have the MIBs documentation or if you want to browse the MIB Oids, then you can use this tool to locate the required MIBs and their values. And then put these values into the Pulseway Manager -> Server Modules -> SNMP

Then click on Discover (system will detect the SNMP devices manually) or add device manually by the IP address

and configure the MIB Oid variable.

And select the required Oid or add it manually

Close the window and select the newly configured variable.

and after this you have to configure the Notifications -> Server Modules -> SNMP

Add the variable.

and configure the condition when to send the notification

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