Rebrand Pulseway as your own by adding your company logo to the WebApp, Reports and the Mobile Apps so that your team or your customers feel right at home when accessing the platform.

Login to the WebApp as an administrator and go to the Server Admin section, select the Setting menu entry and then click on the Custom Logo tab.

Enable the "Use Custom Logo" setting and drag and drop your logo in the drop box or click on the drop box to browse through your files then press the "Save Changes" button to confirm. We recommend an aspect ratio of 4:1. Larger images will be resized to 400x100 keeping the aspect ratio, centered and converted to PNG. You can upload an image for a white background and one for a black background. This will ensure that your logo is perfect in every circumstance.

Please follow the same process in order to customise the tray icon.

The logo with white background is used by the Web Application and your mobile device, however the logo with the dark background is used by the Pulseway Dashboard.

Update your company information

To add your personal company information to the support request functionality, go to "Support Info Details" and add your details. This will be visible when your users request your support.

and that’s how it will present to the end user 

Support request and Chat from the remote system

Once you have updated the company details and logo into the Pulseway WebApp, then the Support Request option which is available by clicking on the tray icon and selecting the option Request Support will display your company details.

Request support:

Would you ever need to disable to User Support access, navigate to System -> General and tick the box for ‘User Support Request’ off. Please note that this will remove the support icon from your taskbar as well.

Rebranded Executive Summary Report

Rebranded Apps


iOS Mobile App

Rebranded Desktop App

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