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User access management in Pulseway 9.3
User access management in Pulseway 9.3
Written by Aiden Morris
Updated over a week ago

Pulseway 9.3 brings added permissions to user accounts via Teams/Groups. Each user can belong to just one team at a time.

In the Pulseway WebApp, under Configuration > Teams and Users, the 'Teams' section is dedicated to managing user access rights. This section is divided into two parts:

  1. The upper section exclusively features the Administrators group, providing full privileges across all systems.

  2. The lower section, known as User Defined, can be customized to grant specific access rights to systems and features.

For instance, we've added a junior staff member and wish to limit their access to the Test Group. They should have read-only access to other sites but not other company organizations.

To achieve this, go to the respective group and click the 'Edit' button at the bottom of the screen.

from the Access tab select the desired access privileges (all groups, sites, and organizations are set to No Access by default)

while in the Permissions tab customize the configuration of Billing, Automation Reporting, and Patch policy settings available for the user and save the changes.

The final step is to move the user account to the newly configured team.
To do it select the 'Edit' button from the user's current team

Navigate to the Members tab and move out the user to his newly configured team.

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