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NAVIGATION Modules > Patch Management > Global Rules

SECURITY Administrator or user access to Pulseway

From the Global Rules page, you can view and manage the top-level patch rules that apply to all OS and third-party software updates in your environment. Global rules are tenant-level rules assessed for all patches and supersede patch policy and individual patch rules.

This article describes the page's layout and functions.

NOTE To learn how to automate your patch review process, consult Automating patch review with Pulseway.


  1. To access the Global Rules page, in the left navigation menu of your Pulseway instance, click Patch Management > Global Rules.

  2. The page will load with the OS Rules tab selected by default.

As you navigate, you'll see the following features and fields:

Page features



OS Rules tab

The OS Rules and 3rd Party Software Rules tabs enable you to define the logic that Pulseway will use, at a global level, to determine whether it should apply available Windows and third-party application patches to the endpoints in your environment.

3rd Party Software Rules tab

Rule hierarchy

This table enumerates all global OS rules and third-party software rules in effect for your environment, ordered by priority.

Pulseway consults these rules first when analyzing a newly-discovered patch. They supersede all other rules and apply in a top-down order. You can set various criteria, such as patch name, description, category, or severity metrics, to approve or reject the patch.

Common use cases for global rules include excluding drivers or patches with known deployment issues. If a patch doesn't meet any global rules criteria, Pulseway will next evaluate it by patch policy rules.

Add Rule

Begins the rule creation workflow

Rule hierarchy



Rule behavior


Type of rule (Severity, Name, Description, Category, Days since release, CVE code, CVSS score), validation criteria, and defined behavior


Move your mouse over any list entry to reveal the following options:

How to...

Create a global rule

  1. On the Global Rules page, click the OS Rules or 3rd Party Software Rules tab.

  2. Click Add Rule.

  3. The Add Rule modal will open.

  4. Select a validation category (A), validation criteria (B), and the rule's behavior (C).


Click Save. Pulseway will immediately begin enforcing the rule based on its position in the hierarchy.

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