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NAVIGATION Modules > Patch Management > Custom Titles

SECURITY Patch > View Policy

SECURITY Patch > Edit Policy

Via the Custom Titles page, you can add any third-party application of your choice to the list of software you'd like to manage in Pulseway's managed by Pulseway's patch management.

This article describes the page's layout and functions.


  1. To access the Custom Titles page, in the left navigation menu of your Pulseway instance, click Patch Management > Custom Titles.

  2. The page will load.

  3. As you navigate, you'll see the following features and fields:

Page features



Custom Titles list

Provides an index of all third-party applications manually added to your Pulseway software catalog, sorted alphabetically; click any entry to view and edit its details

Custom Title Details

Displays extended information about the application and enables you to manage its installation parameters

+ New

Begins the custom title creation workflow

Custom Titles list




The name of the application as it appears in your software catalog


Indicates the provisioning status of the application in your catalog; possible values are Provisioning or Provisioned


Click any entry in the list to open the custom title in view or edit mode; move your mouse over any list entry to reveal the following options:

Custom Title Details pane




The name of the application as it appears in your software catalog


The direct download link to the application's installer

CPU Architecture

Designates the type of processor architecture supported by the application; Pulseway uses this value to identify compatible endpoints

Install arguments

Optional field within which you can provide deployment instructions (such as silent install) for the installation package

I agree with the End User License Agreement

Select to agree to the Pulseway acceptable user policies when creating or updating your custom title

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