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NAVIGATION Modules > Patch Management > License

SECURITY Patch > View Policy

SECURITY Patch > Edit Policy

The License page enables you to view the total number of 3rd-Party software patching licenses allocated to you and how many of those licenses are in use. It also provides information about the expiration date of your license allocation.

This article describes the page's layout and functions.


  1. To access the License page, in the left navigation menu of your Pulseway instance, click Patch Management > License.

  2. The page will load.

  3. As you navigate, you'll see the following features and fields:

Page features



Refresh License

Click to reload your patch management server license information and surface its current status

License information



Expiration Date

Indicates the current expiration date of your third-party patch management license allocation; to extend or renew the license, contact your Account Executive.


Enumerates the number of managed systems using 3rd-party software patching licenses in your environment out of the total license allocation

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