Start by opening the installation log file to check why the installation has failed. It's common that there is a previous antivirus software installed that cannot be automatically removed by the Pulseway Antivirus. Installation log files are located in the Windows temporary directory with this file name pattern: C:\Windows\Temp\kl-*.log.

Open the latest log file that matches the pattern and look for the following line:
*** DetectFilter: found alien software Norton Antivirus Software ***

Now download the appropriate antivirus software removal tool and run it (sometimes it's necessary to run it while in the safe mode). In this case it is it's the Norton removal tool.

Also check the log file for the msiexec exit code in the following line:
MSI (c) (B8:AC) [10:20:01:802]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603

This means, that installation was terminated with the error code 1603 (other most common codes 1612, 1602).

If your installation has reported one of the above mentioned exit codes check if there are any other antivirus applications installed on the system. In order to do this open the Control Panel -> Programs and Features and check and uninstall any antivirus applications listed.

If no other antivirus applications are listed in the Programs and Features dialog, then check if any registry keys belonging to other antivirus applications are listed under this location:

If any registry keys from any antivirus applications are found, download the appropriate antivirus software removal tool and run it to remove these registry keys.

If the Kaspersky installation disappeared from your system after you did upgrade Windows to the latest version 1903, then please run the Kaspersky removal tool to clean your system from the KES leftovers, then make sure that all updates for the system are installed (specifically this patch KB4507453) and then run Kaspersky installer again.

But if the registry keys from another antivirus application isn't listed under this registry key, then open this folder: C:\Program Files\Pulseway\AV and run the setup.exe as an administrator (if you can't find this folder, then please contact
Follow thru installations process and when you are asked to activate the license, select the option 'Activate Later'.

Finally log onto the Pulseway WebApp and send the Antivirus install command to this system.

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