This article gives details on how to use the PureClarity Application to quickly integrate PureClarity with your Shopify store after you install the app.

 NOTE: The app can be installed by clicking on the following link: https://s-plugin.pureclarity.net/install


If you do not yet have a PureClarity account you will need to set one up when installing the app onto your store. This will be the account that you use to login to the PureClarity admin. Most of the information will be auto-completed using information from the Shopify store. The only fields that you will need to input are the password and the region that you operate in.


If you already have a PureClarity account you can link your account using the “Link Account” tab when installing the app, as shown:

If you have multiple stores you can link them to the your PureClarity account by using the same account key when installing the PureClarity application onto each of your stores. You can get your account key from the “My Account” -> “Integration” page in the PureClarity admin (for US customers), as shown:


PureClarity offers a 30-day free trial while you decide whether to use the service. The status of the account will be displayed in the applications status bar, as shown:

When on the free trial you can use the bill estimator to predict what the cost of a paid plan would be by inputting the average monthly impressions that your store receives, as shown:

When you are approaching the end of your free trial the application UI will notify you with the remaining time you have left, as shown:

NOTE: If you run past your free trial without signing up your account will be deactivated.

Please follow our Shopify configuration article to continue your set-up.

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